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Being raised by immigrant parents, getting a stable career was ingrained into my sisters and me.  That trajectory meant getting a degree and working for a company.  Professionally, I wanted to work with people and have a meaningful impact on their lives.  At the time, working in the healthcare industry felt like the best fit.  

So at the age of 18, I moved out to live with roommates and pursue a degree at Western University.  I met my wife after the first year.  My closest friends, whom I still stay in touch with today, were also from those days.  We look forward to reunions and each other's celebrations. At the time, my part-time work as a server and at the campus gym paid for my basic needs.  Life was good other than not having a single dime to my name. 

After graduating, I followed my trajectory and was working in the healthcare sector.   The transition from student life to working professional life was tough for me.  I was no longer surrounded by my friends and family and the long hours of work felt endless.  I was that hamster on the wheel, running endlessly. 

I set goals for myself to get out of that rat race.  I charted my spreadsheet of income and expenses, and at that time, my largest expense was my rent.  I hated it.  I worked hard to pay back my school debt as quickly as I could and save money for a down payment for my first house.  That day became a reality roughly one month before my 25th birthday. 

My first property was a major fixer-upper, and I loved it.  It taught me sweat equity and the business of being a landlord.  I was able to rent out the basement unit to a tenant and my best friend rented a room upstairs. I remembered the conversation with my wife vividly.  I told her I essentially gave myself a "raise" and turned my largest expense into an income.  My brain was lighting up.  I envisioned the finish line out of the rat race. 

After ten years of working in the healthcare sector, I knew I needed a change from the monotonous work pace. I was thankful for the opportunities that my career allowed me to have during those years.  I was able to build a new house, proposed to my wife in that house, and we welcomed our firstborn daughter.  Together, we built up a small rental portfolio and had visions that real estate was our end goal. 

Part of that vision was getting my real estate license.  My father-in-law was in the trades and he played a big role in my wanting to pursue real estate full-time.  He and I would always be looking at properties together.  We worked together to build our family's rental portfolio and fulfill our vision. 

Needless to say, real estate has played a positive role in my life.  Becoming an agent allowed me to share these positive experiences with my clients.  Realtors help people and have a meaningful impact on their lives.  That was the exact reason I went into healthcare. My calling as a Realtor allowed me to combine these values of helping people while engaging my entrepreneurial self.  Many years later and with a lot of clients to be thankful for, I’m at peace with my career-changing decision.  I still have many things I want to accomplish, but I’m now off the hamster wheel and have a clearer direction of where it ends. 

As a busy professional myself, I understand the importance of starting early.  I’m one of you.  I see the value and power of owning a tangible asset like real estate and how it can build generational wealth.  I'm grateful to be part of your journey to finding you the right home.  That's why my Home Court Advantage Method will guide you to your goal.  This early work sets the foundation. Let's leverage your situation.  Long-term growth is the goal and I’m happy to help you achieve it.  


Minh Tran
Minh Tran
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